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Accessible - Exterior Interior Kitchen and Bath Special Features Build or Remodel

Kitchen and Bath



The kitchens in the accessible homes we build are designed to serve as totally accessible working areas for disables residents, while maintaining a traditional appearance.
We build cabinets and countertops at a shorter than normal height, install special sinks with shallow basins and single lever controls are installed for comfortable use. Cabinets can be designed with roll-under countertop space for food preparation or eating. Lower cabinets feature pullout drawers which unlike traditional cabinets enable people with disabilities to utilize the entire cabinet. Furthermore, toe-kicks are larger so people in wheelchairs do not injure their feet.

  Roll-under cooktops, raised ovens with side-hinged doors and raised dishwashers are examples of how we make kitchen appliances accessible for everyone.


In the bathroom, we install a special sink for use by everyone. This sink extends beyond the countertop so a person sitting in a wheelchair or on a bench can lean over an use it. The faucet features a single lever control and a detachable spout.

 We also install special toilets for people with disabilities. Around the toilet we mount grab bars on reinforced walls for stability and support. If so desired, we can install a bidet, either as an accessory on the toilet, or as a separate fixture.
Another feature we can put in a bathroom is a roll-in shower. Roll-in showers feature gradually sloped tile floors and a drain so shower doors are not necessary. Grab bars are thoughtfully positioned on reinforced walls. We install both a wall-mounted shower head as well as a hand-held sprayer.

If a bathtub is desired, we can install a tub lift so a disabled person can move themselves in and out of the tub easily and safely.