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Accessible - Exterior Interior Kitchen and Bath Special Features Build or Remodel


We integrate many thoughtful features into the interior of every accessible house we build. These features are designed for individuals in wheelchairs or with limited physical ability.



Throughout the house we lower light switches to be within comfortable reach from a wheelchair. Light switches can also be turned on and off by someone who is standing but has limited reach. We use rocker style light switches because they are easier to turn on and off than conventional switches. Similarly, electrical outlets and cable jacks are raised for easy access.
Hallways are at least four feet wide to allow for easy wheelchair maneuverability. We can also make hallways wider so two wheel chairs can pass each other safely. For the same reason, interior doors are three feet wide. Angled "S" hinges can also be installed for additional clearance.Because traditional door knobs are often difficult for a disabled person to open, we install lever style door handles for easier use.
Windows are often overlooked as a barrier in a home. We use specially designed windows with a single lever/triple latch system. The single lever enables individuals in a wheelchair the freedom to open the windows easily, without losing the security of a triple latch system.